Halal Duty

Halal food cleanse the heart.

Good food starts here.

Halal food is the best food around. It is clean and prepared according to requirement prescribed by Allah The Most High.

about us

Our main objective is to supply and produce fresh Halal poultry for the mass market. We make available Halal food to Malaysian!

Creating awareness among the people about importance of Halal and Clean source of our daily food is now our shared responsibility. We go the extra mile by making a step in ensuring proper slaughtering and treatment for fresh chicken.

Fresh chickens are available directly from our slaughterhouse in Klang.

halal slaughtering

Live Chicken

Halal Treatment



Live chickens are sourced directly from farms around the country. All the farms comply with Malaysian Veterinary Service Department's SALT (Skim Amalan Ladang Ternak).

This ensure the best supply which is safe for our customers.


Handling of live poultry at our abattoir is as much important as in the farms. To ensure Halal standards are upheld, the best slaughterer among practicing Muslims are employed.

Halal is defined here where slaughtering is being done with Islamic rites by practicing Muslims.


We offer delivery to your doorstep. Minimum order may apply.

Our fleet of refrigerated trucks are able to take freshness to your doorstep.

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Whole Chicken

Chicken Parts

Offals & Byproduct

Our whole chicken is packed individually to contain its freshness. The weight vary from 1000 gram to 2000 gram per bird. Let us know your requirement and we will be happy to supply you.

Our Klang abattoir is designed to cope with 1000 birds per hour processing. We can operate up to 6000 birds daily.

Chicken parts such as boneless breast, fillet, wings, thigh, drumstick and whole leg are available. We can also cut-to-order chicken parts based on your culinary requirement.

Our new processing facility is designed to cope with 3000 birds per day parts processing.

Offals such as head, gizzard, heart, bishop nose, bones and feet are available for purchase.

Contact us to get the latest quotation and availability.

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Direct Contact

Sales Department

019-3114578 / 019-2725689 (General Trade)

019-3394578 / 019-2744578 (Wholesale / Supermarket)

019-2664578 / 019-3132356 (Stockist)

mail: sales@ladangku.my

Company Address

Ladangku Maju Sdn Bhd
22-2, Jalan Elektron U16/H,
Denai Alam, 40150 Shah Alam, SELANGOR, MALAYSIA

tel.: (603) 6731 7900
mail: hello@ladangku.my


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